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Hone your sales and marketing skills.

Sales and Marketing for Entrepreneurs is a BQA Accredited Level 3 action-based training program focusing on the development of sales and marketing competencies for entrepreneurs. Through this program, learners identify their customer segment(s), define an innovative value proposition that helps them outsmart their competition.

During the program, learners build a comprehensive sales and marketing plan to drive business growth. Participants are exposed to key marketing concepts and gain first-hand knowledge on market research to seize market opportunities.

Each participant will identify the market problem their business is aiming to solve, recognise who their customers are (buyers-users-customers), define a value proposition that stands out from the competition, and a positioning strategy that speaks to their target customers and keeps them coming back for more. Participants work with a Business Coach who will help them organize their work, stay on track, reflect on their learnings and make sure they have all the necessary elements to drive sales.


Any venture requires a successful marketing plan that helps reach the right customers, in the right place at the right time and drive business growth.

As it common among business owners that have lack of a business background, businesses are run empirically and business decisions rely heavily on intuition. As result many business do not grow to their full potential or end up closing due to a strong competitive landscape; therefore, the objective of the Sales and Marketing programme is to equip potential entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals with marketing tools and frameworks that will allow them to outsmart the competition and win in the marketplace. Participants will acquire relevant knowledge and develop skills to identify market’s needs, recognise customer segments and develop a positioning statement that will set their business apart from the competition. By the end of the programme, participants will have developed the ability to identify and/or create new markets for their products and/or services and create value for their business.

Program Aims

The aim of the Sales and Marketing for Entrepreneurs Programme can be broadly stated as providing participants with:

  • Knowledge of the process of experiential learning and change management approach
  • Knowledge of the process of developing a sales and marketing plan
  • Knowledge and comprehension of the competitive landscape.
  • Knowledge on market research and seizing market opportunities
  • Knowledge and understanding of marketing fundamentals
  • The skill of evaluating business models with the view of identifying own and leveraging it in the marketplace.
  • The skill of developing a Sales and Marketing Plan to drive business growth
  • Customer-centric communication skills

The program is divided into three (3) modules which are:

Module 1: Introduction to Marketing
Module 2: Marketing Fundamentals
Module 3: Sales and Marketing Plan

This program covers the marketing 4Ps in an innovative way through theoretical and practical training sessions.

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  • 1 week, 3 days
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