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Venture Creation Programme

5From IDEA to Launch. Give your startup a flying start.

Do you have a brilliant business idea that has great potential for import substitution? We have just the right programme for you! The Venture Creation Programme is a BQA Accredited Level 3 fast paced 3 month programme crafted to help turn your idea into a launch-able startup.

  • Its is an action-based training programme that focuses on development of entrepreneurship competencies to start a new venture. Participants visualize their business idea and identify market opportunities.
  • Within 3 months, participants give life to these ideas and generate business models that creatively leverage their value proposition and assess financial feasibility.
  • These are translated into actionable Business Plans that put participants in a strong position to apply for funding. Participants create support networks and recognize key resources that ensure that their idea is successfully launched.

The programme is structured into 2 week long intensive training and 10 weeks of  one on one coaching and mentoring sessions that leads to establishment of a well defined business model, translated into an actionable Business Plan. The programme is action packed with Mind Development Sessions/Workshops and interactions with successful and established entrepreneurs.

Programme Aims

The aim of the Graduate Venture Creation Programme can be broadly stated as providing participants with:

  • Ability to identify needs in the community and develop feasible business ideas to address those needs.
  • Skills of discovering own motivations to start a business and match those to the Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies.
  • Self-awareness skills to be able to use ones strengths and limitations for one to become an entrepreneur.
  • Knowledge of the process of new experiential learning
  • Knowledge of the process of new enterprise formation – From Idea to Launch
  • Gain competency in entrepreneurial thinking and understand all elements of the entrepreneurial process, from idea to launch.
  • Knowledge and comprehension of the business environment in Botswana.
  • Knowledge of identifying business opportunities in Botswana.
  • The skill of evaluating business models with the view of selecting a suitable one based on the entrepreneurial competencies.
  • The skill of developing a Business Plan and sourcing funding
  • Leadership and people management skills applied in an enterprise
Applicants need to demonstrate that their business idea has potential for import substitution.

Programme Dates:


Programme Length:

3 months

Cost per Startup:


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