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Kidpreneur Entrepreneurship Programme


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For enterprising school kids.

KidPreneur is an action-based programme that emphasizes development of entrepreneurship and vocational competencies at an early stage of life. Through this program children uncover their true vocation and develop skills such as idea generation, creativity, teamwork, communication and sales. The programme activities are built over a strong foundation of generating income through use of various vocational skills (sewing and embroidery, jewellery making, knitting and crocheting, weaving, woodworking, animation and programming). Furthermore, learning the value of money, how to use it, how to invest it and how to save it.


The learning objectives for participating KidPreneurs are:

  • Boost self-confidence and stimulate self-awareness by uncovering vocational strengths and applying them to real life entrepreneurial projects.
  • Develop teamwork, leadership and communications skills through games and dynamics that simulate real life business situations.
  • Deepen personal values such as service, equity and justice, and develop an environmental conscience; understand the impact of own decisions and actions on the natural environment.
  • Develop basic managerial skills necessary to start a business; gain competency in entrepreneurial thinking and understand all elements of the entrepreneurial process.


Programme Content

The KidPreneur programme targets young students at primary school level, ages 6-12 years. The objective of KidPreneur programme is to instil a spirit of entrepreneurship from a tender age. The programme length and content are very flexible and can be adapted to the parent or school’s needs ranging from a 5-day Summer Boot Camp to a yearlong programme.  Through KidPreneur, children learn entrepreneurship with a great emphasis on developing vocational skills while having fun. KidPreneur teaches children to create real life products and turn them into a real business.

This is a unique programme incorporating both vocational and entrepreneurship skills, designed specifically for young developing minds. It provides essential skills that are unfortunately not catered for under the conventional school curriculum. KidPreneurs play and learn, uncovering their hidden abilities and talents through practical and vocational subjects.

Other benefits of KidPreneur are towards the childrens’ academics by helping them in the development of fine motor skills, maths and spacial recognition (understanding how things fit together). KidPreneurs also develop life skills such as self-confidence, independence, creativity, mechanical skills; the ability to follow instructions, patience and discipline.

The Programme is divided into the following Modules:

Module 1: Becoming a KidPreneur

Module 2: My First Business

Module 3: My Business Plan

Module 4: Growing My Business

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