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Business Planning for Entrepreneurs


Business Planning made easy.

Business Planning for Entrepreneurs is a BQA Accredited Level 3 action-based training programme that takes an innovative approach at translating a business model into a compelling business plan. Through the business model CANVAS tool, learners will describe a market opportunity, define the key characteristics of the proposed solution(s), identify resources and activities to implement it, explain the expected benefits for stakeholders, identity potential risks and ways to mitigate them.

After completing the program, learners understand the different pieces that conform a Business Plan and put together a comprehensive document that reflects the key factors of a venture’s success or failure. At the end of the programme, learners will be equipped with the necessary tools to pitch their business idea to potential investors and other stakeholders.

Each participant will work directly on his or her own business plan. To accelerate the learning process, participants will work with a Business Coach who will help them organize their work, stay on track, reflect on their learnings and make sure they have all the necessary elements to put together a bankable Business Plan.

The programme is divided into three (3) modules which are:

Module 1: Business Models

Module 2: Business Plan

Module 3: Pitch


Although the concept and use of a business plan has changed along the years, all new ventures benefit from writing one to structure their business idea, test their hypothesis, analyse key assumptions, develop sales and financial projections, determine metrics and ultimately share with others about the business to raise money, put together a team, negotiate with suppliers and develop a customer base.

Nowadays business plans have taken different forms and in many cases continue to be required by investors before evaluating an idea. No matter whether entrepreneurs are seeking funding or not, they should all consider business plans as living documents that evolve throughout the testing and pivoting process. It is common among business owners to project sales bases on the size of the market. While this approach gives entrepreneurs a rough idea of their business potential, it is not until the idea is tested that business owners can really validate the viability of their business; therefore, the Business Planning for Entrepreneurs Programme takes a step back and evaluate the different types of business models while assisting business owners on identifying their own. A Business Plan should not be looked as a set format that entrepreneurs should fill-out to comply for all requirements defined by funding organizations or individuals. Instead, entrepreneurs should understand that the business planning process might result in different types of plans for different audiences.

Knowledge and skills offered by this training programme are key to contribute to managing the challenges faced by business enterprises in the business market some of which have resulted in closure of some businesses.

Programme Aims

The aim of the Business Planning for Entrepreneurs short-programme can be broadly stated as providing participants with:

  • Knowledge of the process of experiential learning and change management approach
  • Knowledge and comprehension of different business models
  • The skill of identifying own business model and explaining key features
  • Knowledge and understanding of different types of business plans and its components
  • Knowledge on all components of a business plan and ability to explain each
  • Ability to identify potential risks and develop a plan to mitigate them
  • The skill of developing a sound Business Plan
  • The skill of clearly communicating a business idea (pitch)

This programme presents an innovative way to write a business plan through practical training sessions.

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