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Business Leadership and Management Programme


A step by step blueprint to refine your management and leadership skills.

Business Management Programme is a BQA Accredited Level 3 action-based training that emphasizes development of entrepreneurial leadership and management skills for SMME business owners. Participants are exposed to innovative management methodologies used by successful entrepreneurs around the globe through which they define their company’s unique value proposition by identifying customers’ problems and defining innovative solutions (products or services).

To accelerate the learning process, participants will work with a Business Coach who will help them organize their work, stay on track, reflect on their learnings and make sure they have all the necessary elements to lead and manage a business enterprise.

The programme is divided into four (4) phases which are:

Module 1:          Business Formation/Establishment

Module 2:          Business Operation

Module 3:          Business Leadership

Module 4:          Customer Service


Botswana is faced with one of the macro economic problems of low business success rate. Entrepreneurship has been identified as a suitable vehicle to create employment and diversify the economy. Unfortunately most small business owners in Botswana, as is the case in many other developing countries, do not have the requisite management and leadership skills to run successful enterprises. According to studies done in Botswana and other countries, the factors which have been identified as leading to business failure is lack of entrepreneurial orientation and business management skills.

The Business Leadership and Management Programme will assist you to understand the difference between management and leadership in the business environment and give you a clear blueprint towards realizing your leadership potential. You will be equipped to lead and manage teams as a business professional or as an entrepreneur.


Programme Aims

  • Knowledge of  the process of new experiential learning and change management approach
  • Knowledge and comprehension of the business environment in Botswana.
  • Leadership and people management skills applied in an enterprise
  • Deepen skills in self-awareness and communication; identify strengths and areas of opportunity as an entrepreneur/intrapreneur.
  • Develop leadership skills and foster innovative thinking throughout the entrepreneurship/intrapreneuship process.
  • Understand the your leadership style in the business environment
  • Learn how to differentiate management and leadership as two key business principles
  • Equip yourself to lead high power teams towards successful projects and goals
  • Gain the necessary skills to begin your professional journey as a Business leader

The objective of this programme is to equip learners with a step-by-step blueprint to effectively lead high power teams.

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