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Entrepreneurship Immersion Programme


Immerse yourself into entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Immersion is a BQA Accredited Level 3 action-based training programme that exposes participants to the world of entrepreneurship. Students learn first-hand what goes into the entrepreneurial process –from idea to launch, uncover their own entrepreneurship skills and hear from successful entrepreneurs what it takes to run a prosperous new venture.

After completing the programme, learners understand elements necessary to start a business in Botswana, understand own motivations to become an entrepreneur while deepening their skills in self-awareness, learn about the different types of businesses and industries and assess market opportunities.

By the end of the programme, learners will be equipped with the necessary tools to structure their business idea and put together an action plan. To accelerate the learning process, participants will work with a Business Coach who will help them organize their work, stay on track, reflect on their learnings and make sure they align market opportunities with own motivations and interests.

The programme is divided into three (3) modules which are:

Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Module 2: Opportunity Assessment

Module 3: Action Planning


Just like many countries, Botswana is faced with one of the macro economic problems being unemployment.  Employability or its lack is not just a problem that is faced by abled bodied persons who are within the employable age bracket.  Botswana Labour Market statistics reveal that unemployment is not only for the less educated but even the tertiary education graduates find it hard to get employment upon completion of their education.  According to studies done in Botswana and other countries, the factors that have been identified as causes of unemployment include lack of relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes required by the labour market.

The objective of the Entrepreneurship Immersion programme is to expose learners to the world of entrepreneurship, discuss the benefits and advantages that starting a new business entail, and equip them with tools, skills and knowledge which are essential for social and economic transformation and uplifting Batswana as well as contributing to the country’s GDP. Knowledge and skills offered by this training programme are key in contributing to managing the challenges faced by business enterprises in the business market some of which have resulted in closure of some businesses.

Programme Aims

The aim of the Entrepreneurship Immersion Programme can be broadly stated as providing participants with:

  • Knowledge of the process of new experiential learning and change management approach
  • Knowledge of the process of new venture creation – From Idea to Launch
  • Knowledge and comprehension of the business environment in Botswana.
  • Knowledge of identifying business opportunities in Botswana.
  • Skills of discovering own motivations to start a business and match those to the Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies.
  • Self-awareness skills to be able to recognise ones strengths and limitations for one to become an entrepreneur.
  • Gain competency in entrepreneurial thinking and understand all elements of the entrepreneurial process, from idea to launch.
  • The skill of evaluating business opportunities with the view of selecting a suitable one based on own entrepreneurial competencies.
  • The skill of structuring a business idea, developing an action plan and defining key metrics
  • Leadership and people management skills applied in an enterprise

Through field trips, speaker panels with successful entrepreneurs, assessment tools and coaching sessions, this program approaches the entrepreneurship process through a totally hands-on experience that uncovers participants’ potential as entrepreneurs and intensifies the learning process.

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