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Young Entrepreneurs Leadership Programme (YELP)


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Lead the future, join YELP!

It’s never too early to teach young people the basic principles of business and entrepreneurship.Through this programme, participants will collaborate with peers and mentors, and use the many tools available at IED to see what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The programme is an opportunity to learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and experience the creative ideation process through prototyping, testing and pitching business solutions with the support of experienced entrepreneurs and dynamic teachers.This programme is 3 months long and culminates with a 3 day hands on startup challenge.

YELP is an intensive action based programme that targets Secondary School level participants, age 13 to 18 years (TeenPreneurs). The challenges facing our future leaders and country are real and become ever challenging by the day. Botswana needs fresh ideas, innovative solutions and visionary leaders who can turn the fortunes of the country around- Botswana needs future entrepreneurs! Our country’s future is vested upon the next generation of entrepreneurs; young people with new ideas and big dreams and the tools and training necessary to realize them. YELP is just the programme for this important realization.

The Programme covers the following Modules:

Module 1: Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership
Module 2: Becoming a TeenPreneur
Module 3: My First Business
Module 4: My Business Plan
Module 5: Growing My Business

Yelp Startup Challenge

YELP Startup Challenge

YELP Startup Challenge is a 3 Day Summer Bootcamp where TeenPreneurs are expected to launch their business idea. Through this Boot Camp, TeenPreneurs work with a Business Coach who helps them to put to practice the knowledge and skills acquired over the 3 months. TeenPreneurs will envision a new product or business idea and develop marketing, competitive, financial and operational plans.  TeenPreneurs pitch their idea to a panel of experts who will offer feedback and interrogate them on their concept and plan.

TeenPreneurs emerge from the camp with stronger business, financial literacy, critical thinking and communication skills.YELP is designed for problem-solvers and dreamers. This program is fun, interactive, creative and intense.

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