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The School

Welcome to Botswana’s No. 1 recognized institution for Entrepre­neurship education, whose mission is to prepare entrepreneurial leaders to create economic and social value. The Institute of Entrepreneurial Development (IED) is fully accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA). IED is a place where men, women and youth can turn their business dreams into reality. More than simply a place of personal transformation, IED continues to play a growing role in the transformation of Botswana’s socio-economic culture, through the encouragement of a venture rich environment.

People all over the world talk about social enterprise; IED embodies it through its very core. The term entrepreneur often conjures up notions of bottom line get-rich folks, whereas no business founder can make success happen without a focus on the needs of everyone in the value chain.  IED embodies that understanding, we practice and live it as a team and throughout the community in which we work. All our programmes provide you with a deep, functional business knowledge, in addition to an entrepr​en​eurial mindset that will help you create opportunit​ies where others see obstacles.

We have world class programmes that will equip you with the entrepreneurial skills you need to succeed in the business world and beyond. Thinking and acting entrepreneurially is a lifestyle, and it can be taught. We do it better than anyone! Explore our programmes and find the right fit for your personal and professional demands and goals.

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