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Enhance your accounting and business record keeping skills.

Bookkeeping for Entrepreneurs is a BQA Accredited Level 3 action-based short program that emphasizes the development of accounting skills to shape management decisions, business strategies and outcomes.

Good decision-making starts with good record keeping. Through this program, learners will learn to strategically manage their business by understanding basic accounting principles and analysing financial statements.

Each participant will work with its own business’s data, analyse it and come up with strategic decisions for their enterprise. Participants work with a Business Coach who will help them organize their work, stay on track, reflect on their learnings and make sure they analyse all the necessary elements to drive their business profitability.


As it is common among business owners that lack a business background, businesses are run empirically and business decisions rely heavily on intuition. Business owners frequently overlook important business data due to the absence of accounting knowledge; as a result, their business does not grow to their full potential or ends up closing due to poor decision-making.

The objective of the Bookkeeping programme is to equip potential entrepreneurs and business owners with decision-making tools and frameworks that will allow them to drive their business’s growth profitably. Participants will acquire relevant knowledge and develop skills to make strategic decisions based on data generated by the business. By the end of the programme, participants will have developed the ability to analyse accounting ratios and interpret financial statements to ensure their business’s profitability.

Program Aims

The aim of the Bookkeeping short-programme can be broadly stated as providing participants with:

  • Knowledge of the process of experiential learning and change management approach
  • Knowledge and understanding of bookkeeping fundamentals
  • Understanding of the importance of bookkeeping
  • Knowledge of the basic accounting principles
  • The skill of analysing accounting ratios
  • The skill of analysing financial statements
  • The skill of making decisions based on data
  • The skill of making decisions to grow business profitability

The program is divided into three (3) modules which are:

Module 1: Introduction to Bookkeeping
Module 2: Accounting Principles
Module 3: Data Driven Decision-Making

This program presents accounting in an innovative way through, not only theoretical sessions, but also practical training.

Affordable .Accessible .Accredited

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  • 1 week, 3 days
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