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William Keyser

Will is a veteran entrepreneur and business startup counselor, a writer and blogger on entrepreneurship and until recently a Lecturer for Sustainable Business Strategies and New Venture Creation for MBA at Marlboro College, USA. He is Managing Director of Venture Founders LLC and creator of the famous Start up Owl website. Will is highly experienced consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the USA and Europe.

He is a renowned Venture Capitalist and has assisted many entrepreneurs successfully launch their business ventures. After a career in public relations and advertising he became a management consultant with a major French-based consulting firm, working in the socio-economic field–particularly in public enterprise and employment policy. He later established his own firm and ran it for 11 years before selling it to its 30 staff members for a nominal sum. The company specialized in employment and HR strategy, as well as management development and training. He worked with clients in banking, finance, the oil industry, power generation and distribution, electronics, engineering and food manufacturing.

His recent startup clients in USA have included a green fashion retailing chain in the Southeast, an online fitness business, a Texas-based group of green cemeteries, a low-tech communication company for the speech impaired and a number of one-person enterprises. His website is a wealth of free material on sustainable startup strategies. Will has also been a UK government adviser in economic development, on the board of a regional venture capital company, a management association president, and a council member of an employers’ federation. He was on the board of the Brattleboro Food Coop (a $16m, 2-store grocery business) and a panel member at the Brattleboro Community Justice Center.

He published eight books on public enterprise in Europe. His most recent title is the eBook, “Telling Startup Stories”. Will Keyser brings an international perspective having lived and worked in the UK, US and France. He attended the University of Westminster and the London College of Communication in UK, as well as the Universities of Besançon and Lille in France. Through Will’s efforts we have been able to be considered for a donation of 2000 books for our library by an American based NGO. We intend to utilise Will a lot especially on the Venture Creation Program as a guest lecturer since Venture Creation happens to be one of his specialty areas.

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